MOSES is a joint facility encompassed within the research field “Earth and Environment”. The participating Centres provide observation systems, which are combined into modules. Hence, the facility follows a “system of systems” approach. MOSES modules must meet the challenging requirements that arise in event-driven observation campaigns:

• They must be highly mobile

• They must cover a large range of observation scales with respect to space and time

• They must deliver high-resolution data in space and time

• With regards to cost efficiency, they must be operable in a wide range of applications

• Observation data must be accessible in near real-time to track events and their impacts during campaigns

These demands require the development of novel observation systems as well as improving existing systems further.

GEOMAR Modules

The infrastructures based and maintained at the GEOMAR are part of three different MOSES modules:

(1) Marine Autonomous Vehicles

(2) Marine Fixed Point Observatories

(3) Land-Atmosphere Fluxes

Here, you can find a short overview on the different devices and their apllications. For further information on individual infrastructures concerning other modules, please visit the main project website.